The Giddens Reader by Philip Cassell (eds.)

By Philip Cassell (eds.)

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35 Thus far I have dealt with ways in which 'extensionality' enters into 'intentionality'; however Giddens' conception of the self opens up the possibility of grasping the other side of this process. The needs and demands of the high modem self can be fed back into the abstract systems to which they are connected. (j) Emancipatory politics; life politics The reflexively constituted self must construct a viable life and sense of identity by acting on, and in, the world. This inevitably entails that actors will make demands of some sort on the institutions that affect them.

Certainly, in Marx's early writings, most notably in the 1844 Manuscripts, one can find passages that suggest that nature is more than just the medium through which human history unfolds: Nature is the inorganic body of man; that is to say nature, excluding the human body itself. To say that man lives from 40 The Giddens Reader nature means that nature is his body with which he must remain in a continuous interchange in order not to die. The statement that the physical and mental life of man, and nature, are interdependent means simply that nature is interdependent with itself, for man is a part of nature.

33. 12. 37. 13. Giddens, 'Action, Structure, Power'. 14. 50. 15. The embarrassing silences that can arise in conversations are evidence that participants in interaction cannot take a passive approach to the passage of time. The conversation doesn't go on by itself: if silence provokes anxiety, participants must work to fill the time that elapses during their encounter. 16. Such struggles often result in compromises where an amount of 'territory' is virtually ceded by the competing parties. Giddens mentions the case of 'no-go' areas in large cities.

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