Animal Cell Biotechnology by Roland Wagner, Hansjörg Hauser

By Roland Wagner, Hansjörg Hauser

This booklet introduces the elemental ideas and sensible software of recommendations utilized in the scalable creation of proteins and virus-based gene-therapeutic items with animal mobilephone cultures. The e-book studies a large spectrum of topics suitable to biologics construction, together with the construction of mobilephone strains, a survey of useful genomics for mobilephone traces and techniques, and advances in upstream and downstream approach improvement. it really is an important reference for all these operating within the biotechnology box either from a tutorial and business point of view.

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Importantly, these cells are able to differentiate into stratified epithelia in vitro. This, however, happens at a slower rate than with normal primary human keratinocytes [133]. Recently, a novel spontaneously immortalized human keratinocyte cell line, NIKS, was described. NIKS cells are immortal and also nontumorigenic. Importantly, they form a fully stratified squamous epithelium in vitro when cultivated in organotypic cultures. NIKS cells were isolated from juvenile foreskin keratinocytes and cultivated for the cell line generation on MEF feeders.

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