Anger Control Training (v. 3) by Emma Williams, Rebecca Barlow

By Emma Williams, Rebecca Barlow

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One, two, three, four, five and relax. Let your stomach muscles go soft and heavy as you breathe the tension away saying "relax" to yourself. And again, tense; hold on to your stomach tension, one, two, three, four, five and relax. Feel your body becoming heavier and heavier as you become more and more relaxed. 9 Now, when I say "Tense", I want you to clench your thigh muscles.  . tense. Breathe normally, and relax. Let the tension go as you breathe it away. And again, tense; hold on to the tension, and relax.

6, Plenum Press, New York, 1980. More W, ABC of handling aggression. A training programme about working safely with aggressive people, Pepar Publications, Birmingham, UK, 1997. Novaco RW, Anger Control: the development and evaluation of an experimental treatment, D. C. Heath, Lexington MA, 1975. Novaco RW, 'The cognitive regulation of anger and stress in personality and psychopathology cognitive-behavioural interventions', in Kendall P & Hallon S (eds), Theory and Procedures, Academic Press, London, 1979.

Directing a Role-Play Explain briefly what role-play is. Allow an opportunity for clients to discuss any fears or concerns regarding role-play, and to reassure individuals. Encourage clients to suggest positive reasons for using role-play, for example, the chance to practise a new way of behaving before trying it 'in the real world'; the opportunity to experiment with new coping strategies; or being able to see other peoples' perspectives more clearly. Explain the rules of role-play. This alleviates fears, clarifies the process and relaxes clients.

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