Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand Strategy by Zachary Alan Selden

By Zachary Alan Selden

Even though US overseas coverage was once mostly unpopular within the early 2000s, many geographical regions, particularly these bordering Russia and China, improved their defense cooperation with the United States. In Alignment, Alliance, and American Grand process, Zachary Selden notes that the local energy of those intolerant states steered threatened neighboring states to align with the United States. Gestures of alignment comprise participation in significant joint army workouts, involvement in US-led operations, the negotiation of agreements for US army bases, and efforts to affix a US-led alliance. in contrast, Brazil is additionally a emerging local strength, yet because it is a democratic kingdom, its buddies haven't sought higher alliance with the United States.
Amid demands retrenchment or restraint, Selden makes the case coverage occupied with retaining American army preeminence and the proven willingness to exploit strength could be what sustains the cooperation of second-tier states, which in flip support to keep up US hegemony at a attainable rate.

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As Waltz notes, “The winner of the Cold War and the sole remaining great power has behaved as unchecked powers have usually done. ”28 From a structural realist perspective, unipolarity will lead to a new balance of power: the only question is how long it will take to appear and which states will rise to the role of balancer. 29 From a structural approach, no conceivable amalgamation of states could seriously challenge the American position in the global order. ” It is about attractive power and aspiration—­areas where American popular cultural exports give it a huge edge.

This would indicate that at some level, security cooperation with the United States increased moderately in the 2000s. But unlike exercises in Asia or Europe, which rarely include China or Russia, most of the major exercises in Latin America are conducted with Brazil as one of the larger participants. ) In addition, Brazil hosts an air combat exercise (CRUZEX) that always involves Chile and Argentina, with occasional participation by other regional air forces and the United States. Only three of the states in Latin America hosted US military facilities in this period (Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru).

Allowing the United States to establish bases on the national territory or use it as a temporary staging facility demonstrates a willingness by the second-­tier state to cede control over national territory to advance American strategic aims. This is a significant commitment in peacetime, but in the event of hostilities, the risks could be much higher since those facilities could become targets. In fact, as Singapore discovered, those facilities can be targets for terrorist organizations even in peacetime.

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