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Imagine if everything you ate showed from the outside! But all snakes DO have teeth. Poisonous snakes have big Dracula fangs. Normal, boring snakes like Gerry, who is a corn snake, have 200 teeth, all the same size and shape. There are two rows of teeth on the top and one row of teeth on the bottom. He doesn’t use them to chew but to make sure food doesn’t escape! Snakes are carnivores, which means they ONLY eat meat. Omnivores, such as human beings, eat burgers AND fries. Gerry is called a corn snake because the |’m not a pattern on his skin looks like corn on the cob.

What are we going to do? Mr. Venezi. Never mind. In the summer of ’66, | played third base for the Tigers. Or was it the Unicorns? First things first. We need a decoy sandwich. Aww, now |’ll never know how the story ends. Did you give up on the search? We’re almost done. You’re still our prime suspect. We’re lucky Mr. V has horrible eyesight. And |’m honored. 30 Wow! You look great! This will keep the door shut. Hmmm. Before | start this, | should make sure the thief hasn’t gotten away. Also, | don’t want any more distractions.

Enough with the crackers! Give me back the provolone! Yeah! Arrrgh. | don’t have time for this. Come out. We have to figure out how to tell Mr. V you’ve been stealing the sandwiches. 38 Wait a minute. Mr. Venezi accidentally switched our cages a long time ago. Hey, guys, do you know how Marcel got in this tiny cage? We like this one better! Check this out! Uhhh... But you guys are gray! The fish said a blue bird walked past the sandwich. |’m free! 39 Wait a minute. Let me see that sketch! |’VE GOT IT!

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