Air Disaster 2: The Jet Age by Macarthur Job

By Macarthur Job

Jet shuttle shrank the realm. Planes may fly quicker, extra and at larger altitude; commencing the door to overseas vacations to the hundreds. yet, it got here at a value. within the early days this new complex period of aviation confronted a number of unexpected difficulties, leading to catastrophic injuries and unavoidably the lack of human lives.

From the 1st jetliner, the ill-fated Comet, to an terrible Boeing 747 mid-air collision at Tenerife, award-winning Macarthur task – one of many world’s best aviation writers, and himself a pilot - tells the tales and unpicks the factors of eighteen fateful air disasters.
Based on coincidence studies and large examine he finds how those calamities ended in the improvement of the most secure and top-rated type of shipping within the world.

Illustrated with photos and technical drawings by means of aviation artist Matthew Tesch, 'Air catastrophe 2: The Jet Age' covers the interval among 1952 and 1977.

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