A Unified Theory of a Law by John Bosco

By John Bosco

The bounds that outline a legislations were stumbled on, explored and mapped. A Unified idea of a legislations is the map. Take it with you in your trip throughout the felony global.

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DUTY A duty is a vehicle that carries a Lawmaker's opinion to the citizenry. it is used when the focus of a Lawmaker is upon a Source. A Lawmaker binds a duty onto a Source. It is synonymous with a command and a right. A duty, command and right are the three vehicles of Regulation. It means that a Lawmaker wants a Source to do either affirmative or negative conduct. EVEN THOUGH CLAUSE OF A THREE PART SENTENCE The even though clause of a three part sentence holds facts that are irrelevant for the main clause of a three part sentence to operate.

Regulation occurs when a Lawmaker reserves the decision to himself. Deregulation occurs when a Lawmaker delegates the decision to a Source. DEREGULATION Deregulation is one of the three permutations of a law. The other two are Affirmative Regulation and Negative Regulation. A Lawmaker applies one of the three permutations of a law to any single instance of conduct flowing from Source to Recipient through circumstances. In Deregulation a Lawmaker lacks a desire for affirmative conduct and lacks a desire for negative conduct.

A Lawmaker engages in lawmaking by "applying" one of the three coins to conduct flowing from a Source to a Recipient through circumstances. The three (3) coins are the only things that a Lawmaker can "spend" in making a law. Hence, it is helpful to keep these four objects in mind. Three coins and one instance of conduct flowing from Source to Recipient through circumstances. The process of Lawmaking involves these four objects. OCCAM'S RAZOR AND THE LAWMAKING PROCESS The doctrine of Occam舗s Razor holds that the simplest solution is often the best solution.

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