A Soldier's Pocket Book by John Hobbis Harris

By John Hobbis Harris

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Match these factors with the reasons why they are important. 1. The country you are crossing a) You must be able see hand signals clearly 2. The likely direction of enemy fire b) Are you likely to be attacked by a plane 3. How far you can see c) You don’t want to shoot your friends 4. How the section can best be controlled d) It may slow you down 5. Need to produce minimum fire effect e) All soldiers must hear orders easily 6. Who controls the air space f) You must be able to return fire easily 4.

It helps if you keep your knees slightly bent. This helps you to keep your balance. Let’s look at another way of moving, THE MONKEY RUN. This is useful for moving behind low cover. For the monkey run, you move like a baby. You crawl on your hands and knees. You can move quite fast this way, but it does make a noise. To move quieter, you have to move slower. To stop twigs cracking as you move, put your knees on the spot where your hands have been. You have to be careful when you use the monkey run.

Listen to the rest of the text and write down which type of movement each statement refers to. Some have been done already. a) Search the ground ahead b) Good for total darkness GW c) Put your weight down gently d) Lift your body onto your forearms and toes e) Crawl on your hands and knees CW f) Feel the air in front of you g) Lift your legs high and sweep then slowly outwards h) Move your knee to where your hand has searched i) Lie on your front KC j) Search ahead for twigs k) Feel gently with your toes for a safe place l) Press forward and lower yourself onto the ground 3 ii) Work in pairs.

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