A Fragile Nation: The Indonesian Crisis by Khoon Choy Lee

By Khoon Choy Lee

In may possibly 1998, President Suharto stepped down as President of Indonesia. along with his fall, the 3rd biggest kingdom in Asia has plunged into anarchy and political, fiscal and social strife. Racial and spiritual clashes, culminating in riots, burning and chaos, became the order of the day. Fissures within the social textile are widening and there's actual chance that this multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural state may possibly collapse, similar to Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. during this e-book, the writer portrays the Indonesian humans, their heritage and their cultural traditions. He presents insightful analyses and views of the political cave in of Suharto and describes the chance dealing with the rustic. Describing the variety within the background, traditions, customs and cultures of a number of the ethnic teams, he offers an figuring out of Indonesia. the writer goals to deliver outsider's readability of belief and the journalist-diplomat's adventure of culture and historical past to the issues and to talk with authority and sensitivity concerning the demanding situations dealing with an enormous, heterogeneous state that contains 336 ethnic teams conversing 250 dialects.

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I have first made an analysis of the Javanese who are the real masters of Indonesia. I became interested in Javanese mysticism after a prominent Sumatran journalist, Mochtar Lubis, had hinted to me that I should first understand Javanese mysticism if I wanted to make headway in Indonesia. Then, even Adam Malik, the former Foreign Minister and Vice-President who was a Batak Muslim, advised me to study Javanese mysticism because he said he himself could not understand the Javanese. p65 6 08/11/2000, 10:24 AM I N T R O D U C T I O N 7 I was made to realise that to understand Indonesia, one must understand Javanese mysticism.

The Baduis Pioneers of Islam in Java The Isolationists 5. The Tenggerese 6. p65 148 167 The Staunch Hindu Devotees 181 The Eternal Fire 7 187 08/11/2000, 10:24 AM viii C O N T E N T S 7. The Balinese Face Death with a Smile 8. The Timorese 195 A People Betrayed 211 9. The Chinese Target of Economic Jealousy 230 10. The Minangkabau 256 The Shrewd Gypsies of Indonesia 11. The Bataks Ferocity and Cannibalism 267 12. The Acehnese 281 The Eastern Gateway to Mecca 13. The Orang Melayu (The Malays) Phoenicians of the East 297 14.

P65 32 08/11/2000, 10:23 AM The Makassar mayor also presented the traditional dress to the author. A Bugis dress is being worn by the author. p65 33 08/11/2000, 10:23 AM A good chat with the Makassar Mayor. A typical Bugis house in the village of Makassar. p65 34 08/11/2000, 10:23 AM T O R A J A Visiting Toraja, the land of the kings (author and wife). The traditional Torajan houses with sweeping roofs. p65 35 08/11/2000, 10:23 AM Author and a Torajan headman in front of his house with hanging bull horns.

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