A flight dynamics course based on MATLAB computer by L. Johansson

By L. Johansson

Plane layout three (2000) 249 - 259

In this paper the event of the writer in working a flight dynamics path with MATLAB computer
assignments as a wide a part of the direction and the only technique of review is mentioned.

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Many KB-SOJa had General Electric J47 Jet anginas Installed on the out board wings In order to Increase their speed, making them more compatible with the TAC jet fighters they had to refuel. M. Sommerlch) A Tactical Air Command KB·50J refuels three 322nd Tactical Fighter Wing F·100Cs during Operation MOBILE BAKER, that sent several USAF fighter wings to bases In North Africa. (Peter Bowers) A pair of 335th TFS F·105Ds being refueled by a KB·SOJ during Operation ROLLING THUNDER In 1965. Several KB-50Js came under fire while refueling thirsty Thuds coming home after strikes In North Vietnam.

This WB-29 retains Its tall guns In the hostile area of the Far East. (Bob Esposito) THE TUPOLEV Tu-4 SOVIET SUPERFORTRESS On 29 July 1944, some seventy B-29s of the 58th Bomber Wing, took off from Chinese bases to hit the steel plant in Anshan. Manchuria. One of them raii into some accurate flak which punctured the fuel tanks. Running desperately short of fuel the big bomber was forced IO land at Vladivostok, Russia. The crew was returned. but the airplane was not. Two more B29s were forced down at Vladivostok in November.

The Atomic Energy Com mi ssion also rout inely used Air Weather Service WB-29s to monitor airborne radiation levels resulting from the surface nuclear tests conducted from 1946 on. First introduced to Air Weather Service in 1946, the WB-29s were flown into the late 1950s before being replaced by WB-50 aircraft. (R ight) SURPR ISE PACKAGE, a WB-29 from the 512th Re connaissance Squadron,Weather(VLR), during Operation BUZZARD, flew weather reconnaissance missions over North Korea beginning on 26 June 1950.

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