A Comparative Study of Korean Literature: Literary Migration by Sangjin Park

By Sangjin Park

This examine in comparative literature reinterprets and reevaluates literary texts and socio-historical transitions, relocating among the Korean, East Asian, and eu contexts (and with specific connection with the reception of Dante Alighieri within the East). within the technique, it reexamines the universality of literary values and reopens the questions of what literature is and what it might do. by way of shut examining of texts, it goals to provide publicity to Korean literature, in this type of approach as to draw extra awareness to the sector of global literature -- and to target what sort of courting they could shape and what new horizon of literariness they could build sooner or later. This paintings can help to place the geography of global literature on a extra open and simply foundation, by means of exhibiting the porous nature of literary migration and providing the lacking hyperlinks within the present discourse on international literature.

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This is why we discuss community. A community must always be open as a problem to be faced; it is maintained by virtue of the individual subjects’ ability and willingness to bear the consciousness of incompleteness and softness. So Far from the Bamboo Grove is a record of an individual subject’s capacity for de-homogenization, or more precisely, of their individual experience and imagination of such a capacity and de-homogenization, which obtains ‘universality’ insofar as it offers the space for the individual subject’s free consciousness, emotion, and conversation, surpassing the exclusive hegemony that appertains in the national context.

Watkins, 164. 42. This is concerned with the empirical, individual subject, and with context as a process in which the subject transcends homogeneity. Lyotard says that “[s]ocial pragmatics does not have the ‘simplicity’ of scientific pragmatics. ). There is no reason to think that it would be possible to determine metaprescriptives common to all of these language games or that a revisable consensus like the one in force at a given moment in the scientific community could embrace the totality of metaprescriptions regulating the totality of statements circulating in the social collectivity” (Lyotard, 65).

Seoul: Changbi, 2003], 150–153). My criticism of Chen’s concept of “becoming other” is based on my idea of incessant de-homogenization or othering. According to that, Chen’s concept appears constructed but not yet deconstructed, and therefore, unprepared for the process of (de/re)construction. De-homogenization or othering operates as being both conceptualized and unclassifiable; if we do not allow the Other this operation, the Other will remain in the subordinate position, especially insofar as he or she accepts or internalizes his or her own status as Other.

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