A Companion to Political Geography (Blackwell Companions to by John A. Agnew, Katharyne Mitchell, Gerard Toal

By John A. Agnew, Katharyne Mitchell, Gerard Toal

A significant other to Political Geography offers scholars and researchers with a considerable survey of this energetic and colourful field.Introduces the easiest pondering in modern political geography. Contributions written by way of students whose paintings has helped to form the self-discipline. contains paintings on the leading edge of the sector. Covers the most recent theoretical advancements.

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For while Turner used his environmentalism scientifically to explain and celebrate the United States as a superior civilization, Plekhanov used his - no less scientifically - to explain the primitive and backward nature of Russian society and civilization. This Plekhanov accomplished on the basis of a consistent and plausible Marxist analysis. Environmental influences were essential to this analysis insofar as he used them in order to demonstrate the critical point that Russia's evolution was essentially gesetzmassig: that is, it proceeded according to the same fixed laws of development as did capitalist Europe, and (implicitly at least) toward the same end.

Russia, Plekhanov argued, was developing essentially along the same continuum of social development as the West, and in accordance with the same general historical laws. The differences between the two were simply evidence of what he very aptly termed Russia's evropeiskaia nedocheta, or "deficiency in Europeanness," in other words the circumstance that Western Europe had moved "much, much further [than Russia] along the path of civilization" (Plekhanov, 1925, p. 87). His task, therefore, consisted in supplying an explanation for precisely how this state of affairs had originated, and it was toward this end that he pressed his environmentalism into ideological service.

1999. Wealth and Power of Nations. Why Some are so Rich and Some so Poor. London: Abacus. Lewthwaite, G. R. 1966. Environmentalism and determinism: a search for classification. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 56,1-23. Lichtheim, G. 1961. Marxism. An Historical and Critical Study. New York: Praeger. Malia, M. 1971. Backward history in a backward country. New York Review of Books, 17 (7 October), 3 6 - 4 0 . Martin, A. F. 1951. The necessity for determinism. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 17, 1-12.

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