A bound for the orders of the torsion groups of surfaces by Murakami M.

By Murakami M.

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The structure of complex Lie groups

Advanced Lie teams have usually been used as auxiliaries within the research of actual Lie teams in parts comparable to differential geometry and illustration thought. to this point, notwithstanding, no publication has absolutely explored and built their structural features. The constitution of advanced Lie teams addresses this want. Self-contained, it starts with common strategies brought through a nearly advanced constitution on a true Lie staff.

Venture Capitalists' Exit Strategies under Information Asymmetry: Evidence from the US Venture Capital Market

Enterprise capitalists (VCs) fund ventures with the purpose of reaping a capital achieve upon go out. study has pointed out info asymmetry among within traders and follow-on traders as a tremendous resource of friction. it's hence within the curiosity of VCs to minimize details asymmetry at go out.

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