101 Amazing Mythical Beasts and Legendary Creatures by Jack Goldstein

By Jack Goldstein

Were you aware Hippogriff is supposedly the offspring of a horse and a griffin? Or Greek Sphinx commonly has a male face, while an Egyptian one has a feminine visage? the place does the Skunk Ape roam, and the way are you able to spot a Kitsune in human shape? Is Slenderman the main scary legendary creature, or is that honour bestowed at the fearsome Gashadokuro? This marvelous booklet comprises information of over 100 legendary beasts and mythical creatures, organised into different types for simple reference. no matter if you have an interest within the beasts of at any place from historic Greece to modern day Africa, this is often the ebook for you!

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Often accompanied by a river serpent or riding on a crocodile, it is said they roam the rainforest at night, using their ability to turn into an attractive man to entice and capture their victims. The Yacuruna live in upside-down cities in the Amazon river, sleeping on hammocks made from feathers in palaces of crystal with walls covered by pearls and fish scales. 67. Boo Hag: in South Carolina and Georgia, people speak in hushed tones of the Boo Hag - a creature much like a vampire, although gaining sustenance from one’s breath rather than one’s blood.

One question people often ask is how you can tell a Kelpie from a normal horse; the best way to do this is to look at the hooves - a Kelpie’s are backwards! Valkyries The Most Amazing Creatures 91. Jimmy Squarefoot: usually peaceful, this creature with a pig’s head wanders around the Isle of Man reared up on his two hind legs. His enormous feet are square in appearance and was once the steed of the Foawr, a local race of giants. 92. Jenny Greenteeth: with her sharp green incisors, Jenny Greenteeth lies beneath the surface of lonely water, ready to pull in any inquisitive child who comes too close to the edge.

62. Chupacabra: first sighted in Puerto Rico, but with encounters now stretching across the whole of the Americas, the Chupacabra - whose name literally means ‘goat sucker’ - attacks livestock, drinking their blood. An incredibly modern mythical creature whose first attack occurred in March 1995 (where eight sheep were discovered dead, drained of blood and with puncture wounds in their chests), the Chupacabra is believed to be the size of a small bear, possessing a row of spines across its back and tail.

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